The worship of God lies at the very heart of our parish life and ministry at St. James, and it really does inform all we do as Jesus' disciples. We are fed in worship. It's from worship that we are sent out into the world "to love and serve the Lord." We go out to love our neighbor - to nourish a hungry world.

Our worship services - which include readings from the Bible, a sermon, a time of prayer for each other and the world, and music at some services -  are about giving thanks and praise to God, as well as offering our prayers for the well-being of the world, our friends, and family.

The focus of our worship is the Eucharist - also known as Communion or the Mass in other traditions - a sacred time when we remember, and literally "redo" the final meal Jesus shared with his disciples on the night before he died, in the sharing of bread and wine. We join Jesus and his disciples once again in the upper room on that fateful and life-giving night.

You can find readings for daily prayer - or the Daily Office in the Book of Common Prayer - by clicking on this link and searching for the week and day:

You can find Sunday Eucharistic and/or other Feast Day readings by clicking https://www.lectionarypage.net/
feast days - learning more about saints
At St. James, and in the Episcopal Church, we often remember unique individuals throughout history who, through their lives, have been a witness to Christ and the love of God. You can learn more about these individuals by clicking on a date here.

To learn more about the disciple James, for whom our church is named, click here.

Baptism is the foundation of our understanding for all ministry and life in the church. We are marked as Christ's own forever in the rite of initiation into the church, one that undergirds our identity as Jesus' disciples. We baptize to follow an ancient iniation rite that comes to us from Judaism, most notably in Jesus willingness to be baptized, an outward sign or commitment for his ministry and what he would proclaim as the Kingdom of God. Baptism is our own immersion into that way of life.

All parents and/or guardians that are curious about, or desiring, baptism for a child should contact Canon John to meet and discuss what this wonderful sacrament means for both the child's and/or parent's or guardian's life.

You may be an adult that has never been baptized and wonder what the big deal is. Canon John is happy to meet with you.

Please contact Canon John in the church office at 318.445.9845 to arrange an appoitment to talk about this important time in your life for you and your family, an occasion we trust that will be one of deepening faith, commitment, and joy.

There are basically 4 ways to "officially" join St. James or any Episcopal Church, and we hope this information is helpful depending on where you are in life and your desire to be part of the church.

Please know that you are welcome at St. James whether or not you want to be an "official" member. Your presence among us is all that matters!

However, if you are curious or contemplating what membership means in an Episcopal Church, then this is for you:

If you have been baptized at St. James then you are a member of St. James. Nothing more is needed!

If you have been baptized in another church but have not received the sacrament of confirmation from an Episcopal bishop by the laying of the bishop's hand on your head, then call Canon John to learn more about this intentional process. Trust us, you would remember a bishop putting his or her hands on your head - an ancient, sacramental rite of membership and welcome into the church. You would take part in a class with Canon John prior to Bishop Jake's annual visit for Confirmation/Reception.

If you have been confirmed in another church, such as Roman Catholic or Lutheran, and desire to join the Episcopal Church you would take part in a Confirmation/Reception class with Canon John, and Bishop Jake would formally receive you into our church at his annual visitation, by the ancient rite of the laying on of his hands on your head, acknowledging your previous commitment to Christ and the church.

Transfer of Letter
If you are a member of another Episcopal Church and simply wish to officially join us you can have your previous church send us a Letter of Transfer. That simple!

Please call Canon John in the church office at 318.445.9845 if you have any questions.

Again, you are welcome at St. James whether or not you are a card-carrying member of the Episcopal Church, no matter where you are in life, or your thoughts about God and the Church!

The marriage of two people, as understood in the Episcopal Church, is a union in which a couple testify in a public ceremony that they believe God is at the center of their union and, furthermore, they pledge their desire for the church to be a central part of their new life as a couple.

Weddings, in our understanding as a community of faith, are not simply a secular or destination event devoid of God and the church. This belief doesn't make us perfect, however, but does remind us that we can create loving and lasting relationships beyond ourselves, relationships that nurture the other person we love. By uniting within the context of a faith community, we recognize that God is active in the love you feel for one another.  You make vows before God and the gathered community of family, friends, and the Church, and receive the grace and blessing of God to help you fulfill your vows. 

Marriage, not just a wedding, is something lived with God and in community. It is an outward and visible sign of God’s grace bringing you together and nurturing the love you feel for each other - and a relationship to share with the world!

Please call Canon John at 318.445.9845 if you would like to talk about marriage at St. James and in the Episcopal Church before you make any calendar plans.


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