Music & Choir

"Let everything that breathes praise the LORD." (Psalm 150.6)

Music has long been an essential way to praise and worship God for centuries. For instance, the Hebrew scriptures (Old Testament) record that David danced before the LORD (
2 Samuel 6.14-22), and the psalms (or psaltry) that we pray each week in service, or on a daily basis,  were originally used as a poetic or music book, if you will, of prayers addressed to God. 

A few other examples of the importance of singing in scripture include
Psalm 95; Psalm 96, Psalm 98; Psalm 146; Psalm 149; and Psalm 150

Our dedicated choir, under the direction of Michael Sterne, and accompanied by Eileen DeBoer, offers a full range of music for congregational worship, from ancient chanted psalms, to Anglican music, to spirituals, to well-known hymns.

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