We believe that life with God is best done when living in community. This is not always easy, but finding a community in which to belong can help us make a connection with others in healthy ways, better understand scripture and what it means to be Jesus' disciples, discover a meaningful place for the public worship of God, and to better understand what it means to love our neighbor.

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Bible & Book Study
The "Nooners" group meets Monday through Friday at 12.15 pm in the Youth Building - on Albert Street across from the school buidling. 
There are basically 4 ways to "officially" join St. James or any Episcopal Church, and we hope this information is helpful depending where you are in life and your desire to be part of the church.

Please know that you are welcome at St. James whether or not you want to be an "official" member. Your presence among us is all that matters!

However, if you are curious or contemplating what membership means in an Episcopal Church, then this is for you:

If you have been baptized at St. James then you are a member of St. James. Nothing more is needed!

If you have been baptized in another church but have not received the sacrament of confirmation from an Episcopal bishop by the laying of the bishop's hand on your head, then call Fr. Tim to learn more about this intentional process. Trust us, you would remember a bishop putting his or her hands on your head - an ancient, sacramental rite of membership and welcome into the church. You would take part in a class with Fr. Tim prior to Bishop Jake's annual visit for Confirmation/Reception.

If you have been confirmed in another church, such as Roman Catholic or Lutheran, and desire to join the Episcopal Church you would take part in a Confirmation/Reception class with Fr. Tim, and Bishop Jake would formally receive you into our church at his annual visitation, by the ancient rite of the laying on of his hands on your head, acknowledging your previous comitment to Christ and the church.

Transfer of Letter
If you are a member of another Episcopal Church and simply wish to officially join us you can have your previous church send us a Letter of Transfer. That simple!

Again, you are welcome at St. James whether or not you are a card-carrying member of the Episcopal Church, no matter where you are in life, or your thoughts about God and the Church!

Please contact Fr. Tim in the church office @ 445.9845 if you have any questions or would like to officially join St. James.

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